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Promotional products are an integral requirement for new product launches, consumer and trade promotions, support for media campaigns, exhibitions & special events. Whatever your promo needs small or large just contact us today on +44 (0) 7966 142 587 or fill or just email us at   

We can help...

- You want to buy both promo and premium items
- You're not sure where the best suppliers are
- You need to be at the cutting edge of prices to hit your budget
- Above all, you want no let downs
- You may want to source direct from the Far East
- You must have safe suppliers, clean factories, no child labour, market wage rates
- Deliveries must be on time to compliment new launches or advertising campaigns
- Deliveries are time critical for re-packaging and re-branding

At PSI we will take your detailed requirements and provide ...

- Promotional Products to fulfil your brief and within your budget.
- Factories with a reputation for quality, volume production and attention to detail.
- Factories that are the best to produce the item you want.
- You'll be supplied directly by the manufacturer.
- We ensure any legal, safety and QC checks are undertaken by independent 3rd party  lab's.
- We can produce totally new products which are tooled-up from scratch.
- All your promotional product requirements will be proofed and signed off by you, prior to manufacture.
- We will not accept a project that cannot be completed within your time frame.

Products Available

At PSI we can get you just about anything you need.  However, if you need items quickly, then we can get you promotional products from a range of over 6,000 items to choose from.  These are currently in stock within the EU. We offer many additional items including the more regular options such as Bags, Clothing, Sports Bottles, Cool Bags, Pens, Bar Accessories, Towels. We'll take your idea and convert it into a finished product within your time frame and budget.

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